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Robinwood Activity Centre - Dobroyd Castle and Alston

Robinwood Activity Centre, Dobroyd Castle in our home town of Todmorden. Over the years we have completed many different works at the sites.


Amongst the other works a large scale new build was carried out for the students to enjoy the new facilities when they returned for their activity holidays. 

13.06.2013 261
13.06.2013 265

More recently in 2022 we completed jetty works, creating a fabulous new area where various water activities can be carried out by Robinwood. 

We also created a giant swing runway!  All ready for lots of action throughout the summer months by the children and staff.

Dobroyd J
Dobroyd jetties.._edited
Dobroyd Jetties ...
Dobroyd Jetties
Alston - Robinwood giant swing runway
Alston - Robinwood giant swing runway.
Alston - Robinwood giant swing runway..
Alston - Robinwood giant swing runway...
Alston - Robinwood giant swing runway....
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